Monday, August 31, 2015

Keep your plan clean with IWS 9.3

Since version 8.3, Workload Scheduler is carryforwarding by default all workload that is not complete to the next plan, including the workload that is in error.
This is generally good and allow to assure that all workload that is in the plan is actually run and not deleted just because the day has gone or a JnextPlan -for 0000 has been run by an admin.

The drawback of this behavior is that if end users are not really interested about that workload, they may leave in the plan forever the jobs that has ended in error, causing the Symphony and the Pre-Production plan (LTP) to grow without control, and then impacting the overall performances.
So admins have to cleanup the plan for jobs that are not really required, starting with IBM Workload Scheduler 9.3 there is a new option that can make this cleanup easier.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Plan Mirroring on Database

Since 9.1 IBM Workload Scheduler has introduced a new copy of the plan in the Relation Database, this is often called the "Plan Mirroring".

This copy of the plan is used only for plan monitoring from the UI (and from Java APIs) and is still not used for scheduling purposes that continue to work using the Symphony file to assure consistency between Master and agents.
This change has tremendously improved the scalability of the UI with performance test that has shown almost no performance degradation increasing the number of users monitoring the plan.

For end users or cloud customers this is completely transparent, but for IWS Administrators that are managing an on-premise environment this introduces new components in the product architecture that need to be understood, monitored and eventually managed and recovered.

A new name for Tivoli Workload Scheduler

In June we had released the new 9.3 version. The the new release, in addition to the new great features like the what-if, is also changing the name of the product, aligning the name of the product to IBM organization and strategy.

Starting with 9.3, IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler is now just IBM Workload Scheduler