Friday, September 30, 2016

IBM and HCL partnership: a positive change for IBM Workload Scheduler people

After 18 years spent working for IBM, mainly on Workload Scheduler covering different roles, the time to leave and move to a different company has come.
On September 1st I've started working for a new company, HCL Technologies, a global IT services company with 100.000+ employees, but I'm not leaving IBM Workload Scheduler development.

This change is part of a 15+ years strategic partnership between HCL and IBM to invest together in IBM Workload Scheduler.

In this article I'll try to represent my personal view of this partnership and why I think this is a positive change for the product and all the people working with it.

All the information in this article are my own opinions that must not be consider coming from either IBM or HCL.

For an official statement from IBM and HCL about the partnership  you can look at the following posts on the HCL and IBM web sites.