Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Running What If Analysys on Tivoli Workload Scheduler

I'm very excited to talk you about the new "What If" feature that we have just published yesterday on IBM Workload Automation SaaS and on beta with new refresh we are publishing right now.
You may be already aware of this new capability if you are participating to the Transparent Development program.

This new capability is target to answer the following questions:
  • How much time do I have to fix this failure without impacting the SLAs for my critical workload?
  • What will happen if this job will take longer today?
  • Why my workflow is completing so late? Which job and dependencies I should work on to anticipate it?

The user can start the what if analysis from monitoring jobs or monitoring critical jobs queries, the selected job is showed on a Gantt view with its predecessors and optionally successors and allows to easily check what is causing delays, highlighting critical path and then simulating changes.
The calculations are running on the browser providing quick response time and high scalability, the animations in the UI and drag and drops completes a very nice look and feel. 
I've to thanks Luca and Francesco for the dedication they put in this project to make a smooth and pleasant experience.

Talking with customers we also identified additional scenarios to address in the future, e.g.:
  • If this machine will be on maintenance in this time window, which jobs will be impacted and when those flows will complete?
  • Monitor the workload with a Gantt view to follow the execution of the plan through dependencies.
This video on YouTube introduces the new feature.

If I've been successful in capturing your interest, please try this new capability by yourself on our Sandbox or request a trial on IBM Marketplace and then let me know your opinion with a comment here.

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